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In Elly Alteration, we provide services for both men and womenswear of any kind including suits, formal wear, leatherwork, jeans, rugged work clothes, wedding gowns and more. Elly is a  knowledgeable tailor with  wide range of experience in clothing alterations including but not limited to restyling, resizing, hemming, lengthening, shortening, changing zippers, changing linings, and taperings of any garment.

Clothing Alteration Services:

    • Adjusting the length of straps on a shirt/dress
    • Changing of waist band
    • Coat shortening
    • Dress hemming
    • Fixing of ripped pockets
    • Sewing on patches for jackets and pants
    • Lengthening and shortening jackets
    • Replacing broken zippers
    • Hemming
    • Replacing missing buttons
    • & more

Our Services

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Design and sewing by experts and professionals in the shortest time

Design to customer taste

Designed to the customer's taste with a work guarantee

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We guarantee the quality of work. Design and sewing all kinds clothes